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Francesco Lo Castro, Artist

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Francesco Lo Castro

For over a decade, Francesco Lo Castro has been South Florida’s thoroughfare to the national New Contemporary art scene, as both a respected artist and curator of intrepid art exhibitions.

Lo Castro was born in Catania, Italy in 1976, raised in Germany, and transplanted to South Florida during high school, where he immediately became immersed in the local graffiti, punk and hardcore music scenes. Fueled by a strong family-instilled work ethic and the do-it-yourself attitude of the underground youth movement, Lo Castro quickly found his foothold in the creative arts, making a name for himself as an artist with diverse technical range and strong message.

In 2006, he curated the “We’ll Make A Lover Of You” Exhibition at the Art Center / South Florida, the first Pop Surrealist showcase to be sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts. With over 40,000 visitors, the exhibition shattered the Art Center’s previous attendance record, remaining the most successful exhibition in the institution’s history to date.

Lo Castro is CEO & Founder of Pop Art Studios Inc., a creative services company, commercial art & design studio and launch pad for its diverse private art projects. He is also the co-founder of the Gen Art VANGUARD Fair, which merged with AQUA Art Fair in 2009. VANGUARD is the first art fair of its kind to emphasize emerging trends in the New Contemporary movements of Pop Surrealism and Street Art.

Lo Castro has exhibited internationally and has been featured among the 100 distinguished artists to help forge the South Florida art community in the definitive book “Miami Contemporary Artists” released by Schiffer Publishing in 2007. His artwork has been featured in numerous publications, including VICE, Juxtapoz, Art of the Times, NYArts, FEFÉ, La Stampa and The Miami Herald.


Rocky Grimes, Artist

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Rocky Grimes

Rocky Grimes was Born in 1974 the 25th day of September. He grew up on the first island located off the southern tip of Florida. At around the age thirteen he discovered skateboarding and has been skating ever since. The art of skateboarding, the physical aspect of skateboarding provided him with a creative sensory environment that opened up new avenues of visual art, music, individuality and an artistic form of expression. Around fourteen Grimes began going to punk and hardcore shows in Miami. He was inspired by not only the music, but the visual language that accompanied the scene through, zines, photographs, album art and live experiences.   Furthermore, witnessing and taking part in the attitude and ability to make an underground movement live as a functioning organic exchange of ideas and expression had a lasting influence. It  was  in the early nineties that Rocky taught himself how to silk screen in order to make band shirts and patches for he and his friends.

Having no formal education in art, Rocky Grimes did not apply the self- taught medium of silk screen printing towards an artistic end  until around 2000. Since then he has been creating and showing his art. The art he creates is both figurative and literal, often times combining the two approaches to address political, social, and personal issues through a visual dialogue with viewers. Through a visceral aesthetic and multifaceted, physical process , Grimes creates work that is unique and challenging.  By combining various forms of media with original imagery, Grimes engages the viewer in a thought provoking dialogue. His ability to convey meaning through original imagery is unique and speaks to a broad audience. Grimes does not borrow and source material to construct this graphic language. Thus, the conversation is simply between Rocky Grimes and those who view his art. There is no visual reference point that is familiar to viewers, as far as obvious pop culture references to filter through. Therefore, he hopes to create a connection at a direct cerebral and emotive level. Continuing  his self-taught, do-it yourself approach he has taught himself how to create stop motion animation pieces as well as installations in the gallery environment. His work will soon cover a building in the Wynwood Art District (Miami) where he has been commissioned to create a large scale mural.

Grimes work has been shown in galleries around the United States and overseas. His work is also in the permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art (N. Miami). Through his unorthodox  interpretation of screen printing he has printed in a live setting interacting with viewers in a spontaneous environment where the environment and action of both Grimes and the viewer become singular. His live installations have been seen around the country including the Museum of Contemporary Art (N. Miami) and in the streets of Wynwood during Art Basel, 2008, when he pushed a cart through the neighborhood printing at various locations for expecting and unsuspecting crowds. Recently Grimes’s work has been shown at Aqua, Miami and SCOPE NY where his art has been chosen to be featured in Identity Magazine, an art, architecture and design magazine based in Dubai. Being a unique addition to the talent coming from South Florida he was chosen as one of Miami’s 100 creatives to be featured by the Miami New Times. His work has also been shown in many publications and blogs including Juxtapoz and Swindle Magazine.

Grimes currently resides in South Florida with his wife and son.

Francesco Lo Castro (left) and Rocky Grimes (right), in front of The Workshop, 171 NW 23 Street, Wynwood, 2011

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Rocky Grimes (right) and Francesco Lo Castro (left) in front of The Workshop, 171 NW 23 Street, Wynwood, 2011

Rocky Grimes and Francesco Lo Castro Collaboration, The Workshop, 171 NW 23rd Stree, Wynwood, 2011

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Rocky Grimes and Francesco Lo Castro Collaboration, The Workshop, 171 NW 23 Street, Wynwood, 2011

Rocky Grimes and Francesco Lo Castro Collaboration, The Workshop, 171 NW 23rd Street, Wynwood, 2011

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Rocky Grimes and Francesco Lo Castro Collaboration, Workshop, 171 NW 23 Street, Wynwood, 2011

Nunca- Wynwood Walls Project, 2009

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Nunca- Wynwood Walls 2009

Lady Aiko and Terror 161, Wynwood

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Lady Aiko and Terror 161