Anne Tschida, Art Writer

Anne Tschida (right) and Juan Carlos Rodriguez

Anne Tschida was born in San Francisco, a little while after a Grace Slick lounge performance. After moving around, the family finally landed in Minneapolis, where she went to high school and became editor of the school newspaper, starting a career in the unprofitable world of journalism. She attended Northwestern University in Chicago and graduated from the Medill School of Journalism there. She then took a job with a British magazine in Hong Kong, where she spent several years. During that time, she traveled through China and Southeast Asia, writing about these burgeoning dragons. She then became editor of an Asian-focussed magazine in Los Angeles, before following her partner to Berlin, Germany. In the years after Eastern Europe was freed, it was an area blossoming in cultural arts, and therefore a place rich with fascinating stories. Eventually she returned to the United States, and took a job as an editor at the Miami New Times, overseeing all the cultural coverage along with investigative news reporters. Since the mid-21st century, she has been a freelance writer and editor for various publications, including the Miami Herald, Biscayne Times, Ocean Drive, Miami New Times, and


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