The Spindle, Henry Moore, 1981, Incontinental Hotel, 100 Chopin Plaza

The Spindle, Henry Moore (Pic courtesy of Intercontinental Hotels)

( Courtesy of Intercontinental Hotels)
The InterContinental Miami was built in the early 1980s by Theodore Gould, a developer from Washington DC. At the time, the hotel was called the Pavilion Hotel and built together with the Miami Center office building. The hotel was designed by Pietro Belucci, the famous architect who designed the Pan American building in NYC.

The travertine marble was imported from Italy, the slabs were numbered when cut so when reassembled in Miami the slabs followed the same vein. An entire quarry was emptied to build the hotel and the adjacent Miami Center. They are the largest marble structures in Florida. Precious woods imported from Africa, including the rare Babinga were used throughout the entire hotel.

It is the only hotel lobby in the world to have been built around a work of art. In 1981, internationally renowned sculptor Sir Henry Moore (1898-1986) created the 18-ft, 70-ton Spindle sculpture. Made of travertine marble with a base of ooba tooba granite from Brazil, it was dropped into the lobby space by helicopter and from that point the hotel lobby was built. The Spindle is the largest of the artist’s sculptures in private ownership and is appraised at over $20 million.


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