Luciana Abait, Visual Fields (Detail), Key Biscayne, Crandon Park Golf Course, 2004

Artist’s Statement
My series entitled “Visual Fields” which depicts wide green fields and blue skies has been inspired by the Miami landscape. In these green open spaces I place architectural and/or man-made constructions which deal with themes of presence and absence in a sometimes mysterious and suggestive manner. These can also be interpreted as psychological landscapes. In these worlds there is life without life. Even though human beings are absent, their presence is felt by evidence of diverse objects created by them such as chairs, monuments, traffic signs, etc. These objects give up their sense of usefulness to attain a symbolic quality. This quality also allows them to become the central characters of thousands or stories that spectators concoct by looking at them. . These objects create dialogues with one another where the familiar, the architectural, the theatrical and the poetic mixes with the ironic and the surreal. Shadows are always present right next to these elements, like ghost-like figures, representing the inescapable and the inevitable, all that we cannot leave behind. The traditional rules of perspective are not applied to my work. The universes that I create have their own rules of perspective, which are distorted, rendering surreal appearances and forms. These distortions also make a comment on some of the nonsensical aspects of human beings and the world they inhabit. The aerial perspectives allow these worlds to be seen from above. Therefore the spectators of my work are confronted with a god-like perspective examining the different universes that lie beneath their feet. They can see the broad skies and the most minute details of the elements presented.


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