Luciana Abait, Visual Fields, Glass Tile, Crandon Park Golf Course, Key Biscayne,2004

(Courtesy of Brandi Reddick)

The beauty of Crandon Park Golf Course is celebrated by Miami based artist Luciana Abait in her recently completed glass tile installation entitled Vistas. Vistas, which is located in the breezeway of the new Crandon Park Golf Course Clubhouse, captures the lush and exceptional natural landscape of Crandon Park. All of the eighty-four glass tiles are unique and portray specific references to the golf course area. Composed of a witty fusion of landscapes and structural grids, “Vistas” creates an illusion of windows along the breezeway of the Crandon Park Golf Course Clubhouse.

Abait, who works primarily with paint on canvas, was highly innovative with her choice of medium for this project and was very successful in adapting her work to appropriate the space. She began the project by painting each image on individual canvases. Once the canvases were painted, she then had each image transferred to glass tiles, which allowed the pieces to become much more durable and able to withstand the elements of the partially covered breezeway. This choice of medium creates a slightly luminescent surface and allows the installation to retain the painterly quality of Abait’s canvases.

Crandon Park Golf Course Clubhouse is located at 6700 Crandon Boulevard, Key Biscayne, Florida 33149. Crandon Park Golf Course is a championship 18-hole golf course located on the “island paradise” of Key Biscayne, just 10 minutes from downtown Miami. It is the only public course on the Bay. Crandon Park Golf Course has, in many ways, become Miami-Dade’s signature public golf course. For more information about Crandon Park Golf Course, call (305) 361-9129 or visit their website at


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