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10 Questions for Chor Boogie

Posted in Interviews A-E on June 14, 2011 by artoutmiami

Spray Paint The Movie- Chorboogie

 By Jose Fresco

AOM: Chorboogie, you are now in the ranks of contemporary art and even known internationally. So how did you get  your start? When, who and what were your influences?
 CB: I started this when i was born ..a creation for a creation.. but technically I started art at the age of 5  and spray paint at the age of 13…and influences growing up where the pressures of trying to better my art work .. my influences where constantly trying to advance my artistic skills growing up I can be the best of the best in this medium/culture when it comes to the spray can ..thats just the truth..

AOM: Your wall off NE 37 th Street and Biscayne Blvd, in the Design District, is your signature Miami piece. What was the inspiration behind it?
CB: The inspiration behind that piece  ..basically is a signature piece i paint all around the world ..but im soon to start painting a different me it means ..the visual context of that city is in the eye of the beholder and how i visualize the environment ..basically the eye or eyes of the city… the eyes of the streets..

AOM: Can you explain some of the recurring elements in your pieces such as the color blocks and the giant eye?
CB: Those are my signature elements ..once you see them you know its a CHOR BOOGIE PIECE.. but they lead into different aspects ..such as emotional landscapes of a melodic symphony through color therapy ..or better yet a street romantic voodoo.. and its the originality aspect of what i do..

AOM: Where have you shown lately and was there a paticular moment that stands out about the exhibit?
CB: Recently shown work at Mallick Williams& CO in Chelsea in New York City and that was an amazing show ..packed to the gills ..amazing people.. did some work for the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego …and they made a TVcommercial about me ..pretty cool..

AOM: You’re actually curating an upcoming show. Talk to me. What’s it all about?. Who’s in it? What made you take on the project?
CB: Yeah its called the ArtOFFICIALTtruth.. there are 26 artists in this show.. to name a few HOW & NOSM …Apex,Elizabeth Bast,Aaron Nagel..Pablo Cristi.. Sharktoof, Kelly Allen , Kelly Ording, Jet Martinez, Robert Burden,Saratoga Sake,Ashley Zalinskie, Jeffrey Pena,Sarah Fisher, Dogadi, Laura Weyl, Robyn Twomey, Akira Beard,Yiying Lu, Chase Tafoya, Lucid Dawn,
what its about ..Its ART ..Its OFFICIAL…Its TRUTH… What made me do this ..i do not even know.. something new expanding the horizons.. and next time ill reconsider having this many artists in the show.. maybe less next time.. the show is at project 1 in San francisco opens up june 17th ..heres a link to the show o n face book for more info … different aspects in the show many different mediums..

AOM: Who are some of your aerosol stars in the show?
CB: Everyone is a star in the show.. 

AOM: What’s next for Chorboogie?
CB: I will be in a 13 man show at the Torrance Art Museum In LA.. opens July 16th and another Museum show at Syracuse University or SUarts.. opens  Sep 15th and a surprise for ART basel Miami..

AOM: When will Miami see you again?
CB: Ill be there for Art Basel.. this year like i said its a surprise.. 
AOM: What’s your favorite Aerosol?
CB: SPANISH MONTANA ..MTN 94 ..its the best in the world..

AOM: How is Mama Chorboogie? We send her much white light and healing.
CB: She is Good Now to my understanding ,,much thanks for asking.. back at home getting better ..but there is still a path to take for her in the healing process.. much love to MAMA BOOGIE.. 

AOM: Fly, thanks for your time and best of luck with the show. Peace

CB: Much thanks and stay cool always.